Example library

DeepSim Example Library


Even though DeepSim is designed to be very intuitive, having some examples on how to create a set of decks can save a user a lot of time.

The purpose of this example library is to give users a set of example models that can be used jump start the modeling process.

The examples in this library are sub-divided into two groups:

  • Examples of elements of symmetry
  • Examples of various recovery processes / drive mechanisms.

To use a given example, just download the example file to the /sdcard/deepsim_data/ directory of your phone/tablet. Then startup DeepSim and use the ‘Import/Export model’ menu to load the model. More detailed instruction are given below.

For each model a quick bit of text is provided that explains the main features of the example model. For more back ground information, please refer to the DeepSim User Manual.

How to install an example model

To install an example model follow the following steps.

  1. Download a model
  2. Copy the model to the /sdcard/deepsim_data/ directory on your phone.
  3. Go the the ‘Main menu’ >> ‘Import/Export model’ menu,
  4. Click on the name of the model you just downloaded.
  5. Click on open.

After clicking in the open button, DeepSim should show a message that loading the model was successful.

Example models

List of available models

Elements of symmetry:

  • 1D Buckley Leverett
  • 2D Quarter five spot model
  • 2D Half seven spot model
  • 2D Quarter nine spot model

Displacement processes

  • Oil rim development with gas cap drive
  • Oil rim development with strong aquifer drive

Element of symmetry models

1D Buckley Leverett [download]

The classic  1D horizontal model with a single injector and producer.

2D Quarter Five-spot model[download]

This is the same model as the default model of DeepSim. It features one quarter injector and one quarter producer.

Half seven-spot [download]

The half-seven-spot model has two quarter injectors and two half producers.

Quarter nine-spot [download]

The quarter nine point model contains one quarter injector well and three quarter producer wells. The model is a simple extension of the default quarter five spot configuration. All that was needed to build this model was to add two extra producer wells and adjust the production and injection rates.

Displacement processes

Oil rim between gas and water – mainly gas drive [download]

In this models we show an example model with an oil rim that is flanked by an initial gas cap and a weak aquifer below. Since the aquifer is weak and the the gas cap is sizable, the main drive mechanism is gas cap expansion.

To maximize recovery the production well is placed relatively far down dip.

To be able to model gas overriding effects (not significant is this particular example) multiple layers have been used.

Oil rim between gas and water – mainly aquifer drive [download]

This is the same example as above, with the difference that this time around, we added a Fetkovich radial analytical aquifer to the water zone. This aquifer is so strong, that now the main drive mechanism is aquifer drive. As a result the well needed to be moved up dip to prevent early water breakthrough.