DeepSim 2019.6 update – Improved CMG IMEX compatibility

DeepSim 2019.6 was released a few days ago. There are two main improvements in this version.

First improvement is better CMG IMEX compatibility. CMG IMEX is the well known black-oil reservoir simulator for the CMG group. DeepSim was already able to export to IMEX format, but there where some minor errors in the black oil PVT code that required users to manually edit some lines in the resulting IMEX input file. This has now been resolved. Exported DeepSim models should now run on CMG IMEX without modification.

The second improvement is better support for mobile devices with 64 bit CPUs. While DeepSim ran fine on 64 bit devices before, now specialized code is included that should take better advantage of the capabilities of these modern devices.

DeepSim 2019.6 is currently available on the Google Play store. Existing users should receive the update automatically.

Happy simulating!

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