DeepSim 2019.4 update – More analytical aquifer options

DeepSim 2019.4 has just been released. The 2019.4 version brings two new features. The first feature is new bottom drive analytical aquifer support.

Analytical aquifers are a method to simulate relatively big aquifers without having to explicitly having to incorporate the aquifer as grid blocks in the model. The main advantage of analytical aquifers compare to explicitly adding grid blocks, is that it saves a lot of computation time.

DeepSim already supported analytical aquifers attached to the side of the reservoirs, but with 2019.4, it also supports bottom drive linear and radial Fetkovitch aquifer models.

The second new feature is that you can now export your model in DeepSim’s own internal text representation format. Should you have a model that crashes the simulator (due to numerical reasons or anything else), then users are encouraged to export these decks in this format and send them to

Happy simulating!

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