DeepSim 2018.10 update – Wrapping up solver work

The new 2018.10 release has just been released to current DeepSim users. The focus of this update was again on improving the DeepSim solver. With the latest update the speed of the simulator has again improved significantly for larger models (up to 30% increase). To given an idea how fast and robust DeepSim’s solver is, it can now run the industry standard SPE10 benchmark (1.2 million grid cells) in times comparable to other commercial simulators. Obviously, running models of this size is not possible on mobile devices (yet), but it does illustrate that DeepSim’s solver highly competitive.

With the latest improvements in DeepSim’s linear solver (part of the solver that does the bulk of the computational work in a reservoir simulator), the solver code isĀ  thus mostly ‘done’ and development will go back into adding more features.

If you have not tried DeepSim yet, it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. If you have already installed a previous version, the latest version should automatically install for free.

Happy simulating!

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