DeepSim 2018.7 update – Export as Shell MoReS

The new 2018.7 version of DeepSim has been released. In this version of DeepSim the main new feature is the ability to export reservoir models created in DeepSim directy as Shell MoReS input files. Once exported, models can be directly run in Shell MoReS without alterations. This is probably the most convenient way to create Shell MoReS compositional models!

With this addition, DeepSim now has the ability to export as CMG STARS, CMG IMEX, and Shell MoReS files. In the table below, you can find which features are retained during the export.

Overview of properties that are conserved when exporting DeepSim models to other reservoir simulators.
RotationOnly x,y axisOnly x,y axisYes
Rock propertiesPermeabilityYesYesYes
Rock fluidRelative permeabilityYesYesYes
Capillary pressureYesYesYes
PVTCompositionalYesBlack oil onlyYes
InitializationPhase compositionsYesBlack oil onlyYes
OWC and GOCYesYesYes
Initial pressureYesYesYes
Perforations and properties (skin, rw, re)YesYesYes
BHP limitsYesYesYes
Liquid rate constraintsYesYesYes
Gas rate constraintsYesYesYes
Injection compositionNoNoYes
Analytical aquifersLinear aquifersYesYesYes
Radial aquifersYesYesYes

Current users of DeepSim will automatically receive an update via the Play Store. If you have not installed DeepSim yet, please visit the DeepSim webpage on the Google Play Store to install it.

Happy simulating!

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