DeepSim 2018.6 update – Export your models in CMG IMEX format

Last month, we introduced the option to export an existing DeepSim model to the CMG STARS format. This month we added the option to export your model in the CMG IMEX format. After exporting, you can import the models you created in DeepSim into either STARS or IMEX.

In order to export a model in theĀ  CMG IMEX format, from the main menu, go to the “Load/Save/Export” menu. Then click on the “Export” tab. Last step is to type in a name and press the “Export” button, that’s all there is to it! The exported models can be found in the /sdcard/deepsim_data/ folder of your phone.

If you have already installed DeepSim on your Android phone or tablet, the new 2018.6 version should install automatically. If you haven’t yet, go to the Google Play store to get your copy!

Happy simulating!

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