DeepSim 2017.12 Update – New 3D viewer options!

In this month’s DeepSim update, we significantly updated the DeepSim’s 3D viewer. New features of the 3D viewer are:

  1. Grid block filtering,
  2. Adjustable vertical exaggeration, and
  3. Adjustable grid transparency.

The first feature, grid block filtering, allows you to use view only selected layers, or cross-sections. This can be very useful when studying sweep efficiency in heterogeneous models. To create a cross-section, go to the 3D viewer as normal. Then, click on the new ‘Options’ menu. This will show the following screen:

Using the x-min, …, z-max sliders, you can conveniently select the grid blocks you want to display.

The second new feature is adjustable grid transparency. This feature can be very convenient if for instance, you want to check the well positioning. As an example, we took the same model as above, and increased the transparency (alpha) to 70%. The resulting grid now looks like this:

With the grid block transparency we can see that the injector well is in fact a horizontal wells, perforating the first 5 blocks from the bottom.

The final new option that has been added is adjustable vertical exaggeration. Previous versions of DeepSim had a fixed vertical exaggeration of 1.0. This sometimes made is difficult to view thin layers. Now this problem is easily dragging the z-scaling seekbar to the right to increase the vertical exaggeration. As an example, this is a model with 50m x 50m x 2m grid blocks using a vertical exaggeration of 1.0:

The individual layers are hardy visible. This is the same model with the vertical exaggeration increased to about 10.0:

Now the individual layers are easily visible.

As always, existing DeepSim users should automatically receive the new DeepSim version using the automatic updating procedure from the Google Play store. For those that have not installed DeepSim yet, you can get it via the following link, or by clicking on the Play store icon on this web-page.

Happy simulating!

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