DeepSim 2017.10 update – all about choice

We are currently putting the final touches on the 2017.10 version of DeepSim. Whereas the last update was all about speed, this update is all about choice.

Until DeepSim 2017.10, all inputs had to be entered in SI (like) units. This is mainly because that is what we (DeepSim developers) are most accustomed too. But it might not be what you are accustomed to. If you are used to using field units, being forced to used SI units might be very inconvenient and could potentially introduce conversion errors.

Similarly, the default DeepSim visualization scheme uses red to visualize oil and green to visualize gas. Again, that is what we like, but we it might not be what you like. Quite frankly, it turns out that our preferences (oil red, gas green) tend to be a bit of an out-lier in the petroleum engineering world.

To allow all users to pick there own favorite unit system and visualization scheme to work with, we have added a new “Preferences” menu. By opening this menu (click on the menu icon on the top-right, then select “Preferences”), you can pick your favorite unit and color scheme. Your selection will be stored, so that you only have to do this once.

We hope the addition of the Preferences menu will make building and visualizing of simulation models just a bit more comfortable. The updated version of DeepSim will be available from the Play-Store soon at this link.

Happy simulating!

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