DeepSim – powerful yet intuitive reservoir simulation

Reservoir simulators are complex and extremely powerful physical modeling tools.  They allow reservoir engineers to improve their understanding from the qualitative to the quantitative domain and make better decisions on how to best develop a reservoir.

Unfortunately, most of the currently available tools, tend to be intimidating to the average reservoir engineer. Because of this, many engineers avoid using reservoir simulation tools altogether.

We believe that reservoir simulation should not have to be so difficult. With a good user interface, reservoir simulation can be made accessible to all engineers. To prove this, we developed DeepSima powerful, yet intuitive reservoir simulator – for your phone / tablet.

DeepSim is built on a powerful fully implicit compositional multi-threaded engine. Most other vendors of simulation software would now add a few paragraphs describing exactly how powerful their engine is – mostly focusing on numerical aspects. We feel that is irrelevant. Most simulators currently available are more than powerful enough for daily reservoir engineering tasks. All commercially available simulators have feature sets that should easily cater for even highly specialized needs. Speed too does not really matter much anymore. Even the slowest of modern simulators will easily handle grids with 100.000+ grid blocks.

What is of importance in our opinion, is the user interface. If you look at how a reservoir engineer spends his/her time on simulation tasks most time is spent on:

  1. figuring out what he/she want to model,
  2. figuring out how to get the simulator to do the task,
  3. wait for the simulation to end,
  4. visualize results in some meaningful way.

Of these item 1,2 and 4 will take up days of engineering time, the actual simulation time itself is often not the issue.

So in order to really help engineers, more work should go towards coming up with novel ways to let engineers interface with the simulation software.

DeepSim is a new approach to reservoir simulation. It focuses on the user-interface first, to really help the engineer perform the task that are asked of him/her.

DeepSim for the time being targets phones and tablets first. Reason is because current day phones/tablets allows us to create a completely user experience. With their touch based interfaces, phones and tablets are not nearly as intimidating as workstations. Yet, recent generations of phones and tablets are able to process reasonably sized grids easily (remember – current day smartphones are more powerful than the workstations that were common a few years ago).

If you want to try DeepSim, it is available from the Google Play-store here. DeepSim is currently priced a only EUR 9.99, which is obviously a bargain compared to anything else out there. Current version supports the following features:

  • Three phase (oil, gas and water) modeling.
  • Compositional PVT
  • Three dimensional grids
  • Homogeneous or layered rock properties
  • Multi-segment horizontal and vertical wells
  • Optional analytical aquifers
  • Hydrostatic initialization
  • Fully implicit and multi threaded solver
  • Intuitive graphs for well and field level results
  • Integrated 3D viewer
  • Easy export of simulation results to Excel.

The combination of an intuitive user interface with a powerful finite volume simulation engine, means you can quickly test your ideas on recovery or drive mechanisms.

DeepSim’s intuitive interface also makes it a perfect educational tool, to teach Petroleum Engineering students reservoir simulation skills, without first having to explain complex input language concepts.

Try it today – you will not be disappointed!



DeepSim Google Play Store link

DeepSim User Manual


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